Buckle Up! HyTrust and HighCloud Security for faster cloud adoption

I am very excited to share with you today that HyTrust has acquired HighCloud Security, a leader in cloud encryption and key management. The combination of our technologies will help organizations take advantage of the cloud more quickly, and more securely.

HighCloud is a fantastic complement to HyTrust — adding cloud-optimized data security and privacy to HyTrust’s administrative visibility and control. The combined offering from HyTrust and HighCloud will enable ‘cloaked’ private, hybrid and public clouds and helps address three of the primary security concerns in cloud environments, including:

+ The broad level of access available to privileged users with malicious intent (or those who acquire their credentials)

+ Breaches and other data center disasters caused not by criminal intent but through human error or misconfiguration

+ Maintaining the security and privacy of the data itself amid dynamic, highly mobile virtualized infrastructure.

Rapidly Changing Climate
Organizations are adopting virtualization and cloud because they can gain great cost savings, efficiency and agility. At the same time, security concerns are consistently listed as a primary inhibitor to cloud adoption, for a number of reasons. Virtualized environments create a concentration of risk, where a malicious attack or accidental misconfiguration has much broader implications. Attackers are getting more sophisticated, and according to Forrester, insiders continue to be the number one cause of breaches. To move securely to the cloud, you must address three key elements:


HyTrust and HighCloud provide unprecedented security to address these issues:

+ Control: HyTrust incorporates robust administrator access controls that ensure privileged insiders can be managed and monitored based on policy, with security best-practices like requiring a ‘two-man rule’ to approve workflow changes.

+ Visibility: A primary challenge in software-defined infrastructure is to be able to see and report on activity – or attempted activity. HyTrust brings critical role-based monitoring, real-time alerts and the comprehensive reporting that is especially important for audit and compliance.

+ Data security and privacy: With the HighCloud acquisition, we add encryption for data at rest in the private, hybrid or public cloud, with key management that you can control.

Think of this as a seat belt that enables you to be safe in the cloud and to get there faster.

While the technologies can already be used together, the HighCloud solution will be integrated into HyTrust to more tightly bind administrative controls with data security in cloud environments, making encryption and key management invisible to the end user.

The combination of HyTrust and HighCloud is expected to create a comprehensive technology platform to control, secure, and monitor information in the cloud. The result will enhance virtualization and cloud initiatives, help accelerate streamline compliance efforts, and increase IT agility to improve customer experience and profitability.

We are excited about this announcement and look forward to telling you more. If you have an interest in learning more about how encryption and key management will help your security initiatives, please email us to set up a briefing. Alternatively, register for our upcoming webinar on the announcement.


Buckle Up!


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